23 July 2010


a 4.5 year relationship is over... thats all i have to say right now :(

20 July 2010

oh boy

I have not been on here for a long time... been busy busy busy! I have been updating my weigh-in's and they are pretty good...  I injured my knee at my bowling tournament :( it has been hurting for over 2 weeks and i went to the walk-in clinic on Saturday and the stupid doc there said that i just have to wait a few weeks but the pain is just getting worse and worse I have not ran since right after i got back from sudbury... I am getting so upset that I can't go running - walking for more than a few minutes hurts, as done sleeping, and sitting and everything!!! I dont know what to do... the doctor said to take advil and stuff like that but it does not help at all so im just getting upset about it... i dont know what to do... boooo... i think i might try the ATM at the gym (i think it stands for all terrain machine) because i dont jolt or lock my knees like i do on the eliptical... but that means working out inside and i LOVE running outside... stupid stupid knee... i dunno, i guess i am just rambling lol

Anyways i am 4.8 lbs from being in my weigh range!!!! yay!!!! I am so happy i dont know what to do with myself... i know i have more than 4.8 lbs to lose but i am almost at a healthy weight which should make it easier to get healthier!!  yay!! :D

03 July 2010

we are in third

as of right now sask teaching ladies are in 3rd place... maybe we can bring it up tomorrow... i am having fun but my throat is soooooooo sore from cheering on my team... oh boy... lol... anyways here is a website if you want to check it out!!!