29 April 2010

busy busy busy

I started a new job on the 19th and have been busy all day and all night... work then gym then supper by the time im done supper it is bed time!! ahhhh.... i should be in bed right now but I wanted to update this since I havent in almost 2 weeks....

I am working on cardio right now... at this point I am running for 10min then a 5 min walk then 10 more minutes then i walk for 15 at a high incline... i think i should buy something that monitors my heart rate because the treadmill always says im in the peak high zone but i dont really think I am so I need something to better monitor my HR... anyways I am under 180!!! :) I am very happy and am trying to keep going... i am just having these fast food urges that I cant get outta my head.... I want...
mcdonalds double cheeseburger
wendy's burger
tim hortons sausage breakfast sandwich
KFC popcorn chicken
and anything that is covered in cheese!!!

lol... ahhh... I can dream can't I :)

18 April 2010

Feeling Good!

Friday I didn't hit the gym but I'm still feeling good :) 

We went to see Kick-Ass that night and it was very funny.  A little different than I expected but it was still very good... some very surprising moments lol

Saturday I didn't go to the gym either but I was out and about and I was shopping for some clothes... I bought a smaller size that I didn't think I could ever fit into so that was so exciting!! :)

Today clinton and I went for a run around the park here and it was good... clinton pushed me to go a little harder and I did... Im glad I did I feel good... Now just relaxing for the rest of the day because I start my new job tomorrow!!! :D

15 April 2010

from bad to good

This morning was all sorts of bad... I forgot to set my alarm last night so this morning I woke up and wondered why my alarm hasn't gone off... then I look over at the clock and it is 7:18am... shit!!!

So I rush to get ready... there is no good food in our house so I stopped and got some food for breaky on my way to work... I got a breakfast burrito from mcdonalds... only 7pts... and I am still on plan for the day so it wasn't a huge mistake and I guess you need a treat once and a while... and I do love those breakfast burritos!! :)

Anyways, I assume because of the rushed morning and high fat breakfast I wasn't feeling so energetic at lunch.  I was debating if i should work through lunch or go to the gym... I didn't want to work but that is how much I didn't want to go to the gym... But I made up my mind and went... I said I was going to everyday this week and I had an unhealthy breakfast so I should probably go so I did...  I did better today then I had been doing all week!

I did 45min on the elliptical and it was alright... I think it helped that there was a 'Last 10 Pounds Boot Camp' marathon on so I could watch something that made me forget I was on the elliptical.  Now I feel awesome! I also didn't bring a lunch (but I did bring some snacks) so I bought a Soup at Hand from the vending machine, my favourite soup, and it is only 1pt... 1 pt yay!!! That helps me keep on plan today even better... I hope this week pays off at my next weigh in... i can be 179.9 and be happy that is all I am asking for :)

Now to finish work, 2nd last day!! :) and then off to bowling tonight... and I am in a great mood now, nothing can bring me down! :D

14 April 2010

Butt-Kick Day three

Today at lunch I did about 35 - 40 min of cardio and then after work I went to a class at the gym... I want to write lots but I am very tired and just want to go to bed... booo...

I havnt been having good sleeps lately so I am so exhausted :( I should probably stop watching TV in bed or something... I dunno... Guess I gotta try again tonight :) :P

13 April 2010

& the butt-kick continues

So I weighed in today and I was done 1.6lbs :)

i need to lose 0.7 more pounds to get under 180!!!

this weekend I dont have any plans to go out for food or have and food activities this weekend so my next weigh in should be amazing!!!!

Today I didn't do my butt-kick so much... i tried to do some cardio at lunch but i just wasnt feeling good... i had major heartburn and it was making it difficult to exercise... I also didn't go for my walk tonight because it was pouring rain all day and afterwork...

I hope that I am feeling better tomorrow... I can do some cardio at lunch again tomorrow and there is a class afterwork at the feildhouse then my awesome boyfriend will be making me some supper while I am working out...

oh yea, i also put on this tight pair of dress pants that I couldnt get on before i started weight watchers and they fit!!! I have a little tummy pouch but i have that all the time so it has nothing to do with the pants.  I am pretty excited...

So if i get under 180 it will be the lowest i have been in a while... I got myself down to 180 a few times but I can't seem to get under it on my own so I hope tracking and exercise will get me there... ahh im so excited :)

12 April 2010


I am having a Butt-Kick week this week.  I am going to work-out a ton this week and eat way better as the last few weekends I have gone completely overboard in junk food and alcohol! But I had fun... Fun time is now over... lol

Today I did 40min of Cardio on my lunch break at work and today after work I am going to the Power Circuit class at the fieldhouse. I also am not going to go over my daily points!

Tomorrow I plan on doing Carido again at lunch time then for a walk around the park before my weigh in tomorrow.

Wednesday there will be cardio on my lunch break and the power circuit class after work.

Thursday again Cardio at lunch then I bowl thursday night.  I am going to try and stay standing for most of the night instead of sitting on my butt!

Friday is my last day at work so we might be going out for lunch (Oh No! lol) if not I will hit the gym again.  Friday night me and clinton might go for a walk around the park.

Saturday I will go to the class at the fieldhouse again and maybe if it is nice out me and Clinton can get our bikes out and go for a ride.

Sunday not sure, I should probably give myself a break for at least one day although I am sure that I will be cleaning or doing something that day that will get me moving for at least a little while...

Good thing is there are no Banquets or food events this weekend so I can hopefully stay on plan this weekend and not go overboard like the last few becuase on the 24th I have a banquet (Buffet) and on May 7th I have a banquet (another buffet) and then no more!!!

I hate buffets!!! I always eat too much and feel like crap after.  I have been getting better at not overeating though so I guess these next two banquets will help me keep practicing that!! :)

11 April 2010

Saturday Gym

Yesterday I went and took a class at the gym and today I am so sore... lol... my abs and my thighs are killing me!!  But it is good I guess :P

We also went out to the bar last night with some friends and I don't think we have done that since last summer but it was fun... Probably drank a little more than I should have but I had fun and danced and that is what matters... I will have to have a good intense workout tomorrow and tuesday before my weigh in... i wanted to go to the gym today but I am very sore... maybe me and clinton can go for a walk tonight or I can use the eliptical that we have here at home...  we will have to see what happens... we have a bowling wind up tonight for the little kids that we coached for the year :)

08 April 2010

no good title

we got a temp at work that I am training because I am done on the 16th... I am a little sad to be going because I think it is a good company but I am not happy there... I got offered a new job that I start on the 19th.

My current job I just do accounts payable for several locations throughout western canada.  The new job has me doing A/P, A/R, Payroll and a few other jobs... I am very excited to learn payroll because it is something I have always been interested in :)

Tonight I went bowling and got a 185, a 227, and a 140 or 150... i can't remember lol...

This weekend I mightbe helping Clinton build a sub box for his friend which I am excited for because I liked wood work in high school.  I also want to make banana bread or banana muffins this weekend... I have wanted to for a few weeks and just havn't got around to it... soon though i hope... lol

anyways im glad its almost the weekend :) gym tomorrow and saturday and then hopefully some car fun :)


06 April 2010

Weigh In

Up 0.6 which is nothing! lol

I am going to a fitness class tomorrow, bowling on thursday, gym on friday, class on saturday, aybe gym on sunday, then class on monday... this week should be awesome!!!

I have also noticed that when I have everyday planned out like this my weeks seem to go by faster!! :)

Right now I am watching Biggest Loser and laughing at Melissa... I feel a little bad for her but she is kind of a bitch to everyone else so she kind of deserves it... and of course Bob has one of his 'commercials' in it... lol

05 April 2010


I don't think tomorrows weigh in is going to go so well :(
BAH!! Bad weekend for clinton's birthday and I had a horrible horrible sleep last night so I had the munchies today :( and tomorrow is my weigh in... booooo... oh well, it is just one week... things will hopefully be back on track tomorrow... but I am so sleepy and should go to bed since i only had likr 4 hours of sleep last night... :( today was just an icky day

04 April 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Thursday night was bowling night and we needed a spare so my dad came and bowled with us.  He beat me by 11 points in the first game, then I beat him by 11 points in the second game and then in the third game I did pretty good and got a 216 and he only had a 175 so I won for the night :) lol

I also got offered a new job on thursday and I accepted it.  I havn't been too happy at my current job.  It is a good job but I'm not happy so it's not right for me.  This new job gives me more exeperience in the stuff I want experience in so I hope it is a good change for me.

Friday we went to see 'She's out of my league' and it is very very funny... we laughed a lot during the movie. 

Saturday we had clintons birthday party at my house and everyone seemed to have lots of fun and I made Taco Dip and everyone loved it and ate it all up.  I didnt calulate the points on it though so I didn't have too much but we also went to red lobster for supper and I had a few drinks last night so not sure what my Tuesday weigh in is going to bring... lol

I also went to a gym class yesterday and my arms are pretty sore... not sure if im going to get to go today or not... I like taking classes at the gym more than just going on my own and they have a good variety but this weekend they dont have much going on... and I have to bowl monday night so I wont get to go monday either.  They have a 6am class on monday's but not this monday because of easter but I still work monday so I can't go during the day where they moved the classes too...

Today I am just relaxing at the moment... going to have supper with clintons family for his birthday...  Pizza and Ice Cream Cake... we are also making a salad so that I can eat a little healthier :)  Clintons birthday isnt until monday but we are busy monday and it is just easier to do it today.