04 April 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Thursday night was bowling night and we needed a spare so my dad came and bowled with us.  He beat me by 11 points in the first game, then I beat him by 11 points in the second game and then in the third game I did pretty good and got a 216 and he only had a 175 so I won for the night :) lol

I also got offered a new job on thursday and I accepted it.  I havn't been too happy at my current job.  It is a good job but I'm not happy so it's not right for me.  This new job gives me more exeperience in the stuff I want experience in so I hope it is a good change for me.

Friday we went to see 'She's out of my league' and it is very very funny... we laughed a lot during the movie. 

Saturday we had clintons birthday party at my house and everyone seemed to have lots of fun and I made Taco Dip and everyone loved it and ate it all up.  I didnt calulate the points on it though so I didn't have too much but we also went to red lobster for supper and I had a few drinks last night so not sure what my Tuesday weigh in is going to bring... lol

I also went to a gym class yesterday and my arms are pretty sore... not sure if im going to get to go today or not... I like taking classes at the gym more than just going on my own and they have a good variety but this weekend they dont have much going on... and I have to bowl monday night so I wont get to go monday either.  They have a 6am class on monday's but not this monday because of easter but I still work monday so I can't go during the day where they moved the classes too...

Today I am just relaxing at the moment... going to have supper with clintons family for his birthday...  Pizza and Ice Cream Cake... we are also making a salad so that I can eat a little healthier :)  Clintons birthday isnt until monday but we are busy monday and it is just easier to do it today.