29 May 2010


today is saturday... i havnt gone for a run since wednesday...

oh well... i haven't been feeling so great the last few days so i guess it is probably good.  It is so gross and rainy out... i want to go for a run in the park but it is pouring rain and i don't want to go run on a treadmill in the gym... i just want to run outside... anyways... Clinton is away for the weekend helping a friend and my parents are going to the same city in a few hours for an awesome concert blegh... i had to stay behind because i have a bowling practice tonight because i am going to nationals in exactly a month from today... i am trying to kill time till the practice tonight but i don't know what to do because it is icky out... what a boring day!!

26 May 2010

Another Day

Went for a run again today after work... I think I gotta look up some stretches for my legs and maybe take a day off here and there from running because after about 1 min of running my legs are sore and i just keep pushing through it for the next 30 - 40 min... but I am still going which is pretty sweet... I am still no impressed and amazed that I can run for more than a minute I never thought I could ever do that... I always wished but I never thought I could! 

Anyways we also had a ball game tonight and we won by 1 point!!! yay... this team was last place all year last year and never won a game so for us to win one is exciting... I also made a double play... I caught a ball that came right to 2nd base getting the batter out and then tagged the base to get the person out who left 2nd base... :)

25 May 2010

Almost there!!!

Ahhhh... weighed in today and i was down 2.2lbs... I am sooooo close to my Weight Watchers 10%... in reality i have lost 14% because I lost 11lbs before I joined ww...

I have still been running my but off... i thought it would help me lose weight faster but that doesnt seem to be the case... I unno... I am still doing down down down so that is what really matters!!! i have lost 28lbs so far... on my own and with ww... and i have about 28 to go... so i guess I am halfway to my goal... I just realized that!!!!!!  that is so exciting!!!! that means I am on the downhill stretch :D yay!!! i planned on getting to my goal weight in October... I have lost 28 in approx 4 months... and 4 more months puts me in September which means I should be ahead of schedule AND I might get in a bikini beach day this summer!!!!! which would be the first time ever in my life that I could wear a bikini!!!! & I am looking forward to it!!!  I guess I just gotta keep going and keep running my 5km a day :D

24 May 2010

Long Weekend

This weekend was alright... pretty windy on sunday and a tree branch fell on clinton's house and they had to work sunday afternoon and this morning to get that tree outta their yard...

Im still running running running... ah it is pretty sweet, Im so glad that I can finally run... I have been working on it for so long... over the last few years i have tried exercising here and there but didnt stay consistant.... this spring I was pretty consistant and now i can run for at least 5km... its cool... its tough running but I am so proud of myself for being able to do it and keep going...

Tomorrow is my weigh in and I hope it goes good... I have to find my balance with all this running because I seem to be maintaining instead of losing, hopefully tomorrow my weigh in is down and then I don't have to worry and just keep doing what I have been doing...

It kinda sux that I don't have anyone to go to weight watchers with or go running with... my mom was doing ww with me but she decided she wants to weigh in on Saturday mornings... I would like to too but then in the fall I would have to switch back to a week night and I think it would just be easier to keep things the same... for running me and clinton used to go to the gym together but he is going at lunch now (which i did at my old job and i loved it!! so I understand) and I only have a half hour break at this new job so I dont have time to go work out so I go for a run after work... on the weekends though we usually go to the gym or for a run in the park,,, clinton likes going to the gym because he runs way faster than me and if we go to the gym he can push himself while I push myself... if we go to the park he just pushes me, which i guess is good because maybe we could get to the same pace and run faster together!!! :) hmmm... I might have to bring that up.... lol... anyways I need a good sleep so I can have a good weigh in tomorrow... night!!

22 May 2010


Yesterday after work I was feeling good so I ran the whole 4km around the park and then an extra km... so I made 5km in under 40 min!!!! I was so good :D

this morning we went to the gym to go for a run (because it is poring rain) and I ran 5km again but I ran on the treadmill and ive decided that I like running in the park rather than on the treadmill... lol... but i weighed myself this morning an I was at 171lbs!!!! it was so exciting... I don't weigh in till tuesday so if I keep going at this pace i could lose 5lbs this week which would be my best weight loss for a week (except for when i had mono and lost 11lbs)

bah, I am bored right now and don't know what to do :(  before weight watchers when I was bored I would usually go eat lol... right now i would be having a peanut butter sandwich with tons of peanut butter and maybe some chips and a huge glass of milk... lol... no portion control and no healthy choices... lol.... anyways clinton is out working on his truck and  yea... im just bored lol... guess i should go look for something to do :)

20 May 2010


lol... so I weighed in on tuesday night and didn't move... stayed exactly the same... WTF? lol... i worked out super hard and hardly used my activity or weekly points but it didnt move at all... i was eating mostly good food but sometimes I had treats but oh well... so far since tuesday I have lost 2lbs so I am guessing this week will go good...

still running around the park lol... it is hard but it is getting easier... i am running about 3.6km in total and walking .4km in the middle somewhere... I am hoping to get to run the whole 4km around the park and have that be pretty easy... then work on going farther, so I am going to have to keep running past my car then walk back... maybe on the weekends I can ride my bike to the park go for a run and ride back... hmmm... i'd have to get a bike... i was using my little brothers because it was a sweet bike and he took it outta the shed one night and left it in the 8ft fenced backyard and some kids walked in our one gate took the bikes (there was an old one there too) and walked out the back gate... booooo....  silly kids... anyways oh yea, i am finally sleeping a little better... I am feeling more rested!!! i used to sleep no mater how short or how long i was exhausted... but the last 3 days i have felt good!!! I have had sleeping problems for a few years so we will have to see if this keeps going... if it starts going bad again i will have to see the doctor asap instead of just ignoring it... but all in all I am feeling good!

my regular meeting leader hasnt been there the last two weeks and it is bringing me down :( I hope she is there next week... if not i am going to go back to the monday night meetings and see if she is still at that one... I like her and I dont like the two sub's that have been there... but we will see next week :)

16 May 2010


my tummy is not happy with me... I ate way way way too much food today... bleh... I feel like poo...  I have been running running running though and I am starting to really really like it... even though it is super hard i am hoping that next summer I can do a half marathon and by the next year do a full marathon and maybe join Joints in Motion and go on one of there trips to go do a marathon somewhere else... I cant wait to be able to do that... it seems so exciting!!!! 

12 May 2010


So as of last night at weight watchers i have lost 15.2lbs... altogether since January i have lost over 26lbs... i don't feel as if i have lost that much... i can see it a little and can definitely tell since a lot of my pants are falling off lol but other than that i really really don't see it at all... it seems weird and unbelievable but i can see it every time i jump on that scale... i dunno... right now I am working on cardio cardio cardio :) its getting pretty good.   I am running right now for 25mins at 8.0km/h which is pretty good i think... lol... i started at 5 min at a time and added 5 min every week... 25 min is pretty tough so i think next week instead of jumping 5 min i will only go up 2 min a week till i am running the whole 45 min... i hope to run the whole 5k this october and next year i want to do a triatholon and a half marathon then then in 2012 i hope to do a full-marathon... ahhh... i am scared but i hope by then i can do it!!!  anyways off to get some sleep or at least try, i have been having trouble sleeping so i hope i can tonight!

10 May 2010


the weather has been shit shit shit here... it sucks... i found a softball team to play on and we were supposed to have our first game tonight but it got canceled because the diamond was a big puddle... boo...

ahhh... i really wanted to right but all the sudden i am just tired... i hate how this happens... i should plan things better so that i can't write a bunch and not be sleepy...  I am trying to find a place to move out to as i am still in my parents basement but that is proving difficult... but if i could plan more for myself and such if i was out on my own... but I need to watch where i move to as twice a section in my city has been called the worst neighborhood in Canada as per mcleans magazine (or however you spell it) which kinda seems odd because i know that its not a great area but i didn't think it was that bad that the whole nation needed to know...   i have also heard stories about people moving to this city into that neighborhood not knowing and having bad things happen... i believe that there are good people who live there and people who don't have any problems there but I am a scaredy cat and wouldn't want to be in a rough neighborhood on my own... boo... oh well... i guess i will just keep an eye out for something that looks good...

i am also scared to move out... i like my room here but i need some more space... I am trying to fit so much into my room and it doesnt work so well... lol... anyways it is bed time!!!

05 May 2010

What a day!!

1. i slept in so i was running late for work so I didn't plan food for the day but I did stay on plan.
2. Broke a key at work
3. Had another machine not work properly on me today
4. went to the gym but for some reason only booked the treadmill for 30min instead of 45 so i didnt get my whole run in :(

ahhh... but i guess other than that the day was fine.  I should try and go to bed right now as I couldnt sleep last night and that is why i slept in this morning.

Also these next two weeks I have to work sooooo hard because I want to hit my 10% at the same time i hit my 16 weeks... lol... its going to be tough!!!!

01 May 2010

off to the gym i go?

it was suppose to snow last night :( I could hear rain while I was laying in bed last night but I haven't looked to check if there is snow on the ground....

Clinton is off at his buddy's house installing a clutch all day I dunno what to do with myself... I am going to head to the gym at some point... and then I don't know what else to do... usually i help clinton on a car or we go shopping... we used to coach kids bowling saturday mornings but that is done till sept. 

i heard that you can go to the mineral spa in the next city over (like a 30-35min drive) for $7 which is sweet but i would want someone to go with and right now the 'friends' that i do have never ever want to do anything... im not really sure how much they're my friends anymore... and the people who do want to hang out are all boys and I dont think the boys would want to come to the spa with me... lol

ahhh... i dunno... im just going to lay in bed and watch youtube for a little bit longer then off to the gym!!!

p.s. i figured out how to change the treadmill to kilometers!!! :)