25 May 2010

Almost there!!!

Ahhhh... weighed in today and i was down 2.2lbs... I am sooooo close to my Weight Watchers 10%... in reality i have lost 14% because I lost 11lbs before I joined ww...

I have still been running my but off... i thought it would help me lose weight faster but that doesnt seem to be the case... I unno... I am still doing down down down so that is what really matters!!! i have lost 28lbs so far... on my own and with ww... and i have about 28 to go... so i guess I am halfway to my goal... I just realized that!!!!!!  that is so exciting!!!! that means I am on the downhill stretch :D yay!!! i planned on getting to my goal weight in October... I have lost 28 in approx 4 months... and 4 more months puts me in September which means I should be ahead of schedule AND I might get in a bikini beach day this summer!!!!! which would be the first time ever in my life that I could wear a bikini!!!! & I am looking forward to it!!!  I guess I just gotta keep going and keep running my 5km a day :D