26 May 2010

Another Day

Went for a run again today after work... I think I gotta look up some stretches for my legs and maybe take a day off here and there from running because after about 1 min of running my legs are sore and i just keep pushing through it for the next 30 - 40 min... but I am still going which is pretty sweet... I am still no impressed and amazed that I can run for more than a minute I never thought I could ever do that... I always wished but I never thought I could! 

Anyways we also had a ball game tonight and we won by 1 point!!! yay... this team was last place all year last year and never won a game so for us to win one is exciting... I also made a double play... I caught a ball that came right to 2nd base getting the batter out and then tagged the base to get the person out who left 2nd base... :)