10 May 2010


the weather has been shit shit shit here... it sucks... i found a softball team to play on and we were supposed to have our first game tonight but it got canceled because the diamond was a big puddle... boo...

ahhh... i really wanted to right but all the sudden i am just tired... i hate how this happens... i should plan things better so that i can't write a bunch and not be sleepy...  I am trying to find a place to move out to as i am still in my parents basement but that is proving difficult... but if i could plan more for myself and such if i was out on my own... but I need to watch where i move to as twice a section in my city has been called the worst neighborhood in Canada as per mcleans magazine (or however you spell it) which kinda seems odd because i know that its not a great area but i didn't think it was that bad that the whole nation needed to know...   i have also heard stories about people moving to this city into that neighborhood not knowing and having bad things happen... i believe that there are good people who live there and people who don't have any problems there but I am a scaredy cat and wouldn't want to be in a rough neighborhood on my own... boo... oh well... i guess i will just keep an eye out for something that looks good...

i am also scared to move out... i like my room here but i need some more space... I am trying to fit so much into my room and it doesnt work so well... lol... anyways it is bed time!!!