22 May 2010


Yesterday after work I was feeling good so I ran the whole 4km around the park and then an extra km... so I made 5km in under 40 min!!!! I was so good :D

this morning we went to the gym to go for a run (because it is poring rain) and I ran 5km again but I ran on the treadmill and ive decided that I like running in the park rather than on the treadmill... lol... but i weighed myself this morning an I was at 171lbs!!!! it was so exciting... I don't weigh in till tuesday so if I keep going at this pace i could lose 5lbs this week which would be my best weight loss for a week (except for when i had mono and lost 11lbs)

bah, I am bored right now and don't know what to do :(  before weight watchers when I was bored I would usually go eat lol... right now i would be having a peanut butter sandwich with tons of peanut butter and maybe some chips and a huge glass of milk... lol... no portion control and no healthy choices... lol.... anyways clinton is out working on his truck and  yea... im just bored lol... guess i should go look for something to do :)