24 August 2011


i have been watching what i eat for the most part this week but tonight i had a bunch of crispy minis! lol, delicious!

I ran on monday and did a cardio curuict tonight so i hope that helps a little - anyways its getting late, my course is done this week so i hope after that I can write a little more! :)

22 August 2011

Busy Busy Busy

This first aid course I am taking is pretty intense!  There is lots of work to do and terms to remember.  Most things are coming together pretty well, still a few things I am unsure about but I am sure by the end they will make sense.

As for eating right and exercising - I am eating fairly well but have no been exercising at all! Was going to go for a little run today as my hotel is right beside a park (this hotel has no gym!) and it is pouring rain!  I may go later tonight depending on studying and the weather. Maybe I can find a little routine that needs no weights and do that in my hotel room!  Anyways just a quick note, back to studying!

14 August 2011


A few weeks ago I started following the new Weight Watchers Points Plus Program.

I have also moved!  I am now living on Vancouver Island with my parents.

I have had a rough year and I have high hopes for the future.  I am going to take Occupational First Aid Level III so that I can apply for a paramedic course in the next few months.  Once I get acceptance into the Paramedic Program I will be joining the Canadian Military and I can not wait!  I am nervous as this seems like a very tough course but becoming a Med Tech in the Military is something I have wanted for a very long time so I hope that will help me study hard and excel at this course.

They are not accepting application until the end of September & are accepting them until mid November! Too long! lol.  The course then doesn't start until April! So I have a long winter of working and waiting!

Anyway, I am going to try and keep updating this as it definitely helped me keep on track last time I tried to lose weight so I am hoping it will help me again!



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