08 November 2010


So I am exercising a lot and yesterday we bought a treadmill... as much as i hate them i hate the cold more so during the week i can run inside and then i am hoping that one day on the weekend no matter what i can go for a cold outside run :)

anyways... i gained 2 pounds this week and I am going to blame that on muscle... I hope... lol... or it is just because I ate out a lot this weekend... and if that is the case give it a day or two and i will be back to normal :)

02 November 2010

Back to it


1.  I am a lifetime member at weight watchers!


2. Me and that boy are working on things :) Some people may not think it is the best decision but it is what makes me happy and that is what is most important to me is to be happy!


I had a few months of delicious junk food filled goodness and realized once again how easy it is to get addicted to that stuff and you really really really need to work on moderation!  Good thing is over the last few months I have drifted between 150 and 155 so I am doing a good job at maintaining but now I am looking to get firmer and possibly lose a few more pounds :)

During those few months Tim Horton's breakfast was an almost daily occurrence and then I would eat at a restaurant for lunch or grab something quick but wasn't working on the healthy.  Then coming home to have supper with my family I would have huge portions and then snack later on! I had lots of peanut butter sanwhiches with waaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much peanut butter (yum! lol) and I do not know how I didn't gain 10 lbs over the last few months but I didn't and I am happy about that and it is time to get back to being healthy and happy!!

Nov 1/2010
155 Lbs
 Tracked all day, made healthy food choices and stayed within my points :)
Went for a run/walk with my mom :)
Went to my first fitness class at Level 10 fitness which was a Kettle-ball class and it was pretty sweet :)

I want to go hard for this month and see what my results turn out to be :)

I need to keep on track because I want to get my bellybutton pierced and I want to be able to head to the beach in a bikini next summer and feel totally comfortable in it :)