28 June 2010

away i go

i am off to nationals in Sudbury tomorrow... i have to be at the airport at 5am... boooooo who's idea was that lol... just thought i'd update real quick... hopefully i can let everyone know how my trip is going :)

24 June 2010

basement has flooded :(

so i get home from work and i am sitting in my room playing on the computer and i hear water... i go look in our back room and there is water everywhere... i called my dad and we started using a shop vac to suck up the water... we also have a shower in the basement and the water was coming up into the shower... so we had the shower door closed but the water was just too much... 3/4 of our basement got wet and me and my little brother and I have our rooms in the basement so tomorrow we have to get boxes and start packing up what we can in our rooms... is wasn't too bad i guess... it was just deep in the bathroom and the backroom and underneath the carpet in the rest of the basement... some spots here and there puddled and my amazing clinton was here helping all night and making sure everything was alright!!!

apparently our back flow valve got a chunk of wood stuck in it so it let all the water into our house instead of stopping it from coming in :(

i leave on tuesday for sudbury so i wont be able to help my family but im sure once i get back there will still be stuff to do... i just hope everything works out fine!!!

23 June 2010

Weight Watchers 5km

Today was the WW 5km walk-it event... and it went pretty good... me and my mom went and I got a t-shirt so the girl at the running room took a few pictures of me because i was the only person to wear it on the walk... its bright yellow and a nice shirt!!! the walk took a different route then im used to but it was a nice route and very pretty!!

At the walk my old WW leader was there so we asked her what happened to her and that we have been checking other meetings because we liked her so much and she told us that she quit with working at weight watchers :(  i was very sad, we are still going to meetings but i miss her... it was fun to go with her as the leader and now it is like a chore :(  The girl who leads the one i am going to right now is alright... i guess i just got used to my original leader but she always made you feel good and she was still calm and down to earth and just overall awesome!! the one i am seeing right now is very bubbly, which is good for some people, just not my type of thing but im still going still getting the info, and she isn't so bad... i guess the leaders kinda grown on you... im sure once i get used to her ways that everything will be fine again :)

anyways for some reason i didnt eat very much today and had 9 pts left at the end of the day (i start with 23) not even adding in my activity points yet so i decided to go get an ice cream (because i have been craving it!!) from this little shop here that has amazing ice cream... i got one scoop of mint chip and one scoop of cookies and cream! yummy!! it was very very sweet i was having a hard time finishing the thing... i think next time i will get a small!!!

anyways how is everyone else doing out there? do you give into your cravings if you have them for a few days or do you wait a little longer to see if they go away? if they aren't going away how do you deal with them?

20 June 2010

Shopping was a bust

so i went shopping yesterday ans went to i dunno how many stores and tried on lots of pants and didn't find anything that i even slightly liked :( it was very upsetting and made the next few hours actually suck!!!

so i was sitting at home and i remembered we have a box here of old clothes and such that we are going to take to value village and i knew the clothes that i was giving away were smaller sizes! so i went and looked through those clothes and found 2 pairs of jeans that fit!!! I was soooooo happy!!!! and I didnt have to go buy anything :) one pair is like a foot too long so im going to have to get it hemmed so i can wear them but i can still wear them around the house!!

so fathers day... oh boy... went out with Clinton's dad for fathers day and he wanted to go to the buffet he goes to every weekend for brunch... I am actually pretty proud of myself!! I had some fruit, eggs, only one breakfast sausage (i love those things),  a small pancake with some syrup and then a salad :) and i didn't feel disgustingly full when i left which was the best part!!!

then clinton and i went for a run this afternoon and then for supper had mannicotti for supper (bascially a big noodle with crab and spinach in it! yum yum!) and a little bit of garlic toast!  it was delicious... i thought today was going to be rough because of the buffet but it turned out to be really good... I some happy the buffet didnt kick my ass!!

19 June 2010


Down another 2 pounds this week... yay! this running thing is pretty awesome!  it helps a lot with losing weight! I am now 11 (actually 10.8) lbs away from being in my weight watchers weight range... it seems like it is sooooo much farther than that and things are getting harder and harder but i noticed even if i had a rough week but i still ran everyday i still seem to be down 2lbs :)

anyways today i am going to buy some smaller jeans!! =D the ones i bought a month or two ago are falling off so i need some new ones... i might buy some shorts as well... nice girl shorts that I have never ever worn before.. .and a new swimsuit for when i go to sudbury for the bowling tournament!

 :) going for a run later! 


15 June 2010

So Sore

My calf muscles are killing me... ahhhhh.... lol... and I am kinda in a frumpy mood and just feel like pigging out and being lazy all while at the same time I want to work harder and find better foods to eat... lol... tomorrow will be day three of the Jillian Michales shred... I wont make it to day 30 as me and my mom are doing it together and i go away to my bowling tourny in less than 30 days!

anyways... my mind is all over the place today so sorry if I randomly jump from one topic to the next lol

my mom read or heard somewhere that you should eat the same thing everyday for breakfast and lunch... I couldnt do that forever because I get sick of things pretty quick but I think I am going to try to eat the same thing for B and L for a week (work week lol) then switch it up to something different for the next week... we will see... i seem to be hungry all the time so i need to make some better food choices as i have been eating 2pt snacks but they dont fill me up so it seems like a waste of 2 points because 10 min later I am looking for something else to eat... oh boy!!

This is getting harder and harder :( but i will keep pushing because it isn't an option to fail! I can have a bad week but that doesn't mean I failed it just means I need to keep going and keep working...

another rambling, I hate when people are like 'oh you look good; i wish i could lose weight!' i just think -uh wtf? you can!- I just say to them 'yea it is hard, i really watch what I eat and exercise almost everyday'  there response after that is usually oh i dont have the time... i dont usually say anything after that...

BUT people need to realize that you need to make time... im sure you watch tv some times or play on the computer or lounge in the sun... thats your time... you need to fit it in because your health is too important to forget about!! thats when you get sick and injured and feel like crap and that is the stuff that you DONT have time for...
you have a family? get them involved! you work odd hours? go before work/after find a gym that is 24hr! people just love to find excuses and reasons not to take responsibility, its your body you are the ONLY ONE responsible... ahhhh...

anyways I am hoping this week starts to get better and i don't feel so overwhelmed by working on my health... its almost the TOM so i think that is partially why I want to eat everything i see... lol... so be strong for a few days then it will pass =) lol 

13 June 2010

Day Trip

So today I went with Clinton to his friends 'flip' house to help him work on it.  It was over an hour drive away and we ate good while we were there and worked hard... okay clinton worked hard, i relaxed and read a book =) lol...

when we got home my mom had made a delicious roast!!! yum yum!!! then after supper my mom, dad, brother, clinton and I all went to the park to 'exercise'
Clinton and I ran on the roads that surrounded the park and ended up running approx. 6km!!!  6km.  wow!!! that was awesome it took 42min and it was a good run and i felt great after.  going to continue running after work everyday and then on Saturday Clinton and i are going to try running from his house to his work which is approx. 8km... i think i can make it!!! i would like to run a 5km race and 10km race this summer =) then next summer move on to bigger goals!!!

anyways need to go to bed as it is over 10:30pm and I am going to try to get up at 6am (oh no!) and work on the Jillian Michales 30 day shred!! with all this exercising I hope I start sleeping better!!!! 

12 June 2010


Today was my first saturday morning weigh in... i was down 2.2lbs which is good... i remember being so excited to get under 180 and now im under 170 and it doesn't even feel real! as much as I have wanted to lose weight i think in the back of my mind I never ever thought it would happen... and i think i sabotage myself some days because of that... im so excited and happy that i am losing weight but at the same time it just doesn't seem real... I kinda had an off week last week and didn't care too much and didn't track that much but there were lots of times that i could have indulged but didn't so that shows that some of my personal habits are changing :)

it still feels like a dream or like the scale is just tricking me and I am still 200lbs.. when does it finally kick in that this is real, that i am really doing this?!

anyways i should go for a run since i skipped it yesterday :P and so I don't feel like i am sabotaging myself :P

11 June 2010

So I found a picture of me from march 2009 at the bar... probably around 195lbs or more.  So I ran around the house and put on that outfit to see how it looks now and I think it looks a lot better... right now I am around 170lbs and still working on it.  just thought I would share the progress of how things are going.

When I started this is Jan 2010 I was 202lbs so i am well on my way! :)

Rain Rain Go Away!!!!!!

it has been raining here for soooooo loooooong  :(
it is really putting a damper on my running.  so i didnt weigh in on Tuesday because i decided to move to a saturday morning meeting and my first one will be tomorrow and im 100% sure i will be under 170... i was so excited to get under 180 that this will be awesome... and as a reward I plan on dying my hair this weekend :)

i dont really have much to talk about today im in a really bad mood :( and it is raining surprise surprise... but it should be nice out this weekend so i can get some running in :)

02 June 2010


I could NOT sleep last night... i was so bad... i didnt fall asleep till after 2am... i was supposed to get up at 630 to get ready for work and i didnt wake up until 7:42am... I work at 8:00am... i just ran outta the house and drove to work... i made a PB&J sandwich so that i had something to eat and grabbed a smart ones meal so i could have some lunch!!  at lunch i walked over to sobey's and got some fruit and veggies to snack on in the afternoon... but it was a rough day because i was so tired... running after work was a bit tough but i pushed through and made it... no more long breaks from running!!! it is so hard to get going again... i hope one day this 4 - 5km gets easier so i can think about running a 10k... that is my next goal once 5km gets easy... i got a long way to go

also according to ww i have to lose 16lbs to be in my weight range but I dont think I am going to look 'healthy' at that weight... i will still have to keep working hard and get down... my personal goal i think is between 140 - 145... i will have to see how i look and feel at that point and decide what to do from there :)

01 June 2010


so i didnt run on thursday or friday... i only ran 3km on saturday and then i didnt run on sunday or monday...
i did go today and it was tough... lol... i am never going to take that many days off of working out again... no more being a slacker lol... anyways, see my last post about an awesome mini blizzard!!
I weighed in today and i only have 16lbs to lose before i am in my height weight range!!! holy shit!!! 
I want to lose 26lbs to be where i think i want to be... eeeeee its so exciting... anyways i should try and go to sleep because i want to try and get up early and run in the morning instead of after work... it didnt happen monday or tuesday lol so i guess i gotta keep trying...

p.s. i got my nails done on the weekend and it is a little hard to type and i even got super short nails... lol... oh well they look sweet :)



MINI BLIZZARD!!!! so tiny... it looks bigger in the picture than it does in real life!