23 June 2010

Weight Watchers 5km

Today was the WW 5km walk-it event... and it went pretty good... me and my mom went and I got a t-shirt so the girl at the running room took a few pictures of me because i was the only person to wear it on the walk... its bright yellow and a nice shirt!!! the walk took a different route then im used to but it was a nice route and very pretty!!

At the walk my old WW leader was there so we asked her what happened to her and that we have been checking other meetings because we liked her so much and she told us that she quit with working at weight watchers :(  i was very sad, we are still going to meetings but i miss her... it was fun to go with her as the leader and now it is like a chore :(  The girl who leads the one i am going to right now is alright... i guess i just got used to my original leader but she always made you feel good and she was still calm and down to earth and just overall awesome!! the one i am seeing right now is very bubbly, which is good for some people, just not my type of thing but im still going still getting the info, and she isn't so bad... i guess the leaders kinda grown on you... im sure once i get used to her ways that everything will be fine again :)

anyways for some reason i didnt eat very much today and had 9 pts left at the end of the day (i start with 23) not even adding in my activity points yet so i decided to go get an ice cream (because i have been craving it!!) from this little shop here that has amazing ice cream... i got one scoop of mint chip and one scoop of cookies and cream! yummy!! it was very very sweet i was having a hard time finishing the thing... i think next time i will get a small!!!

anyways how is everyone else doing out there? do you give into your cravings if you have them for a few days or do you wait a little longer to see if they go away? if they aren't going away how do you deal with them?