12 June 2010


Today was my first saturday morning weigh in... i was down 2.2lbs which is good... i remember being so excited to get under 180 and now im under 170 and it doesn't even feel real! as much as I have wanted to lose weight i think in the back of my mind I never ever thought it would happen... and i think i sabotage myself some days because of that... im so excited and happy that i am losing weight but at the same time it just doesn't seem real... I kinda had an off week last week and didn't care too much and didn't track that much but there were lots of times that i could have indulged but didn't so that shows that some of my personal habits are changing :)

it still feels like a dream or like the scale is just tricking me and I am still 200lbs.. when does it finally kick in that this is real, that i am really doing this?!

anyways i should go for a run since i skipped it yesterday :P and so I don't feel like i am sabotaging myself :P