24 June 2010

basement has flooded :(

so i get home from work and i am sitting in my room playing on the computer and i hear water... i go look in our back room and there is water everywhere... i called my dad and we started using a shop vac to suck up the water... we also have a shower in the basement and the water was coming up into the shower... so we had the shower door closed but the water was just too much... 3/4 of our basement got wet and me and my little brother and I have our rooms in the basement so tomorrow we have to get boxes and start packing up what we can in our rooms... is wasn't too bad i guess... it was just deep in the bathroom and the backroom and underneath the carpet in the rest of the basement... some spots here and there puddled and my amazing clinton was here helping all night and making sure everything was alright!!!

apparently our back flow valve got a chunk of wood stuck in it so it let all the water into our house instead of stopping it from coming in :(

i leave on tuesday for sudbury so i wont be able to help my family but im sure once i get back there will still be stuff to do... i just hope everything works out fine!!!