01 June 2010


so i didnt run on thursday or friday... i only ran 3km on saturday and then i didnt run on sunday or monday...
i did go today and it was tough... lol... i am never going to take that many days off of working out again... no more being a slacker lol... anyways, see my last post about an awesome mini blizzard!!
I weighed in today and i only have 16lbs to lose before i am in my height weight range!!! holy shit!!! 
I want to lose 26lbs to be where i think i want to be... eeeeee its so exciting... anyways i should try and go to sleep because i want to try and get up early and run in the morning instead of after work... it didnt happen monday or tuesday lol so i guess i gotta keep trying...

p.s. i got my nails done on the weekend and it is a little hard to type and i even got super short nails... lol... oh well they look sweet :)