02 June 2010


I could NOT sleep last night... i was so bad... i didnt fall asleep till after 2am... i was supposed to get up at 630 to get ready for work and i didnt wake up until 7:42am... I work at 8:00am... i just ran outta the house and drove to work... i made a PB&J sandwich so that i had something to eat and grabbed a smart ones meal so i could have some lunch!!  at lunch i walked over to sobey's and got some fruit and veggies to snack on in the afternoon... but it was a rough day because i was so tired... running after work was a bit tough but i pushed through and made it... no more long breaks from running!!! it is so hard to get going again... i hope one day this 4 - 5km gets easier so i can think about running a 10k... that is my next goal once 5km gets easy... i got a long way to go

also according to ww i have to lose 16lbs to be in my weight range but I dont think I am going to look 'healthy' at that weight... i will still have to keep working hard and get down... my personal goal i think is between 140 - 145... i will have to see how i look and feel at that point and decide what to do from there :)