20 June 2010

Shopping was a bust

so i went shopping yesterday ans went to i dunno how many stores and tried on lots of pants and didn't find anything that i even slightly liked :( it was very upsetting and made the next few hours actually suck!!!

so i was sitting at home and i remembered we have a box here of old clothes and such that we are going to take to value village and i knew the clothes that i was giving away were smaller sizes! so i went and looked through those clothes and found 2 pairs of jeans that fit!!! I was soooooo happy!!!! and I didnt have to go buy anything :) one pair is like a foot too long so im going to have to get it hemmed so i can wear them but i can still wear them around the house!!

so fathers day... oh boy... went out with Clinton's dad for fathers day and he wanted to go to the buffet he goes to every weekend for brunch... I am actually pretty proud of myself!! I had some fruit, eggs, only one breakfast sausage (i love those things),  a small pancake with some syrup and then a salad :) and i didn't feel disgustingly full when i left which was the best part!!!

then clinton and i went for a run this afternoon and then for supper had mannicotti for supper (bascially a big noodle with crab and spinach in it! yum yum!) and a little bit of garlic toast!  it was delicious... i thought today was going to be rough because of the buffet but it turned out to be really good... I some happy the buffet didnt kick my ass!!


Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

Oh man buffets get me every time. I lose all sense of self control and just go hog wild lol.

Good for you for sticking to it!