31 March 2010


ooops... i went for a tan today and i am a little pink from it... lol

anyways went to see the trainer today and learned a few more exercises to do...
OMG on my tuesday weigh in I lost 3.2 lbs!!!! so exciting!!! I hit my 5% goal... and clinton is doing so good as well he just went home and tried on some old smaller pants and they are too big for him... im so happy for him :)

I also put on a pair of pants today that i couldnt do up before and now they fit :)  Yay!! can't wait for a few months up the road when I can go shopping for smaller sizes!!!

But I am sleepy and should go to bed... Friday is a holiday!!! :) Yay and clintons bday is this weekend!!! :)

I am in a pretty good mood right now! Things are going good!

28 March 2010


So I practiced bowling on saturday morning and did so good... my regular lanes are synthetic lanes and the other places that I bowl are wood lanes and my ball doesnt move there like I am used too so I bowled crappy today...  Clinton thinks we should bowl a spring league at a different set of lanes so that I can practice and figure out how to make my ball work on different lanes so that no matter what the lanes are like at nationals I can bowl good :)

other than that on saturday we went shopping because I found this awesome hotpink computer that I want but no one seems to be able to get it for me :( I could just order it online so I will wait and see... it is a pretty new one somaybe in a while it will be easier to get at stores :)

Today we went to the gym and for some reason my heart rate was exteremly high and I wasnt pushing any harder than usual; but i have been fighting a cold for a few days which might have something to do with it :S

anyway i was going to the gym at 6am tomorrow but my leg muscle is still hurting and this week i have to bowl Monday, Tuesday and Friday so i dont want to have my leg still hurting... i dunno maybe i will go in the morning... i still havn't decided... blah...

my weigh in is normally tuesday so if i end up bowling on tuesday i will have to go to a wednesday weigh in or figure something out... im getting sick of being busy :P

25 March 2010


Well last night I watched resident evil because I really really like those movies but then I have zombie dreams all night and then I'm scared to get outta bed... lol... what a weiner I am...

anyways I have ben sore all week from my cardio combo class i took and monday and didn't stretch before I went bowling today which I should have because I pulled a muscle in my leg and it hurt so bad to bowl...  but i worked through it and got my best game ever!!!!  a 283... i got 1 strike a right spare 2 strikes a left spare 3 strikes and then in the 9th I punch a head pin and it all went downhill from there... lol... oh well... maybe next time :)
I was sooooo close to a 300!!!! that would have been so exciting...

anyway off to work tomorrow then gym... then bowling practice on saturday morning... and then bowling tourament on sunday!!  A cash tournament so I hope it goes good so I can win some money!! :)

anyways I am off to watch vampire diaries :P

23 March 2010


Up one pound... oh well... not a big deal... could be a number of reasons and this week will go good and it will be gone again :)
I worked out hard yesterday and I feel great and I dont care if i it doesnt come off super fast as long as i am feeling better and my muscles are sore everything is good :)

22 March 2010


So I made the team!!!!  I'm excited and scared all at the same time because I'm a weiner :P
I am heading out to Sudbury at the end of June...

We were stuck in Saskatoon Sunday night because Clinton's truck was having some issues so we got back in the city around 2pm today and I went to work for a few hours and then tonight I went to the gym and their was a class that started @ 6:45 so I decided to join it... it was a cardio class and it was pretty good! I had lots of fun in it. I think I am going to go to the gym later on Monday's so i can keep taking this class for a while :)
Tomorrow is my weigh in :( I am a little worried as I kinda ate some bad food this weeked.. oops... I guess it's got to happen sometimes... lol... I can just keep it going after this... All I gotta do is keep working out and go back to watching what im eating :)

17 March 2010

busy day

today was a busy busy day at work... and it is just going to continue the rest of the week...
Tonight clinton, colt and I went out for supper to mongolie grill and it was so delicious :) mmmmm... then me and clinton met my mom at the gym and worked out... I had a pretty good work out I think... I just kept pushing harder and today it seemed at lot easier then before which is a good thing I think...
My mom and I went on this thing called Espresso Bike and it has a little screen where you can ride different tracks and it is like your actually riding somehwere... I did a 20min basic ride today but my butt was numb by the end... then I did step ups then running then step ups then bikng then step up then running and biking... then went running again... I don't think I could have possibly done that 3 weeks ago :)
I got to keep working had this week so I can make my 5% on tuesday!!! 

16 March 2010

Weighed In

DOWN 1.4LBS THIS WEEK!!!!  YAY... I have 1.8 to go to make it to my 5% Im so excited... I am going to work so hard this week to lose it so that I can make it for next weeks weigh in.... Im just so happy... It's not a lot but at the begining I was only losing 0.4 or 0.6 lbs and it was so dissapointing so losing more that a pound for the last three weeks is so amazing to me!!! 
Tomorrow I'm going out for supper to a build your own stirfry place so I can choose lots and lots of veggies :) then later we are going to the gym to work out! Yay!

Number 3

A family who is really close with us lost a member last night... My mom's friend lost her father... he got H1N1 in November and hasn't been healthy since and last night his body gave in. At least he is not in any pain anymore. My prayers are with his family!!

Today is kind of a blah day at work. I worked really hard this morning and got a bunch of stuff done. I should keep going and get more work done but I just feel so blah... I don't mind this job but I went to school for a reason so I wouldn't be doing a bland job and could use my education. They say they are working on it and things will change in the next several weeks but I don't know if they really will or not. I know you have to start somewhere but I am just getting stressed. I felt physically ill this morning because I got so upset and so stressed. :(

Tonight is my weigh in and I hope it goes good. I have been working out lots this week so I hope it shows! Anyway I should get back and do some more work. I wish I could have a nap, lol, I'm so tired :p

13 March 2010

2 bad things... what is number 3??

They say bad things come in three's... on Friday I found out that the triathlon i planned on doing in June had limited spaces (which was never stated anywhere) and I hadn't signed up yet as I might be heading out of the province on a trip around that time so I don't get to do my triathlon... and then Friday afternoon I had to euthanize my kitty... who I have had since as long as I can remember :'( it was very upsetting... I held on to her the whole time while they sedated her and then gave her the final shot... it was so odd, I thought it took a while and then they fell asleep but before the vet was even done giving her the shot she was limp... her head fell over and rested against me... it was so hard to do but I know it is better for her as she was in a lot of pain and I couldn't afford all the medicine and appointments to keep her healthy and out of pain... I do miss her lots though...

I guess number 3 might be learning that the really expensive shoes I bought last summer aren't good for my feet and I have to get different ones; but I good thing is I went to Foster's shoes and they let me borrow a pair that should be good for my feet so I can try them out for a bit before I buy them :)

Anyways... on Wednesday my mom and I went to see a personal trainer and she was pretty friendly... we didn't do too much on Wednesday but I'm sure we will keep building up... we worked on some step-up then running then running and biking as it was going to be geared towards the triathlon but now I don't know what to do... I do have another fitness goal which is to climb the rock wall at the science center... starting in May i think they have a class every Saturday morning for a climbing club so I am going to try and get into that too. I will also do the CIBC run for the cure this year but I am hoping to find another interesting event to go to.

Next weekend I am heading out of town for the second part of our 5-pin bowling masters tournament to make the Saskatchewan team... as of right now I am in second place and I am on the team... but we have two days and 16 more games to do so that could totally change... this morning i practiced and played 5 games in a row on my own so I was constantly going for one hour and didn't stop moving (I was very sweaty lol) i bowled two 180's, a 186, a 193, and a 203. My average for Saturday will be 186 i think so I am hitting avg which is great and should keep me up there :)

Anyways I have been craving a DQ double cheeseburger for a few days but today I wasn't craving it anymore so I am still on plan and hoping for a good weigh in next week :)

09 March 2010

Bad to Good

This morning started out bad... I didn't feel so great and I though that my weigh in tonight was going to be bad.
At lunch I did a good long hard workout and I felt sooooo gooood after it :)
but I have an issue with my foot and it hurts after 10 min of running or elliptical I'm in so much pain. I'm going to call a place tomorrow that makes special footwear to see if I can get some shoes that don't hurt my feet so when I do this triathlon I can do a lot better than if my foot hurts the whole time!!
After work a cleaned up the kitchen with my mom and prepped supper because we eat after WW so that we have a good weigh in... lol... and I cleaned and cut some celery so I can take it to work tomorrow because i really like it with peanut butter or laughing cow cheese, mmmm... it is so delicious :)
Then we went to our weigh in and I lost 1.2 since last week and hit my first 5lbs!!! I'm so excited about it... I also only need to lose 3.2 more lbs to make it to my 5% lost!!! It is exciting to be this close to a goal!!
Since I;m starting to workout more I hope my weigh in's keep going really well.
Tomorrow is our first appt. with a personal trainer and I'm pretty excited about it and scared. But i think it is good to have it on Wednesday because most Wednesday's I don't feel like working out... I don;t feel like it on Thursday either but i do bowl on Thursday so I at least get some activity in. anyway I'm off to watch the Biggest Loser for some more inspiration!! :)

08 March 2010

Busy Weekends Suck!

So this weekend was full of bad food choices... not so much bad choices but just lots of food that put me over my points. On Saturday Clinton and I ate really good for the day as we were going out for supper for our 4years :) and we went to Earls. Im sure we both went way over our points for the day but it was delicious and you can do that once and a while :)
anyway, then on sunday I had to head out of town with my bowling Combo Team and I could control breakfast/lunch/snacks for the day but supper was 'kid friendly' lol... burgers and chicken fingers and ice cream. I didn't over indulge in anything and went very very light on the sauces but I have no idea what my points were for that... Oh well... One weekend isnt the end of the world. Tomorrow is my next weigh in and Im almost at the 5lb mark. Slowly getting there :( it sucks that im moving down so slow but the good thing is im moving down. But starting this week im kicking up my exercise and in May it will get even more intense to the weight should start shedding a bit faster (I hope)

05 March 2010


So today is my Dad's birthday so we are going out to a movie tonight where there is a lot of tempatation... lol... but since i am on WW i might dip into my extra points for the week as i do love my movie theatre nachos... lol...

I had no motivation to go to the gym today but i did get my but in gear and head over there and worked hard today... I always feel great and happy after the gym, it is just thinking about it that gets me down and makes me lazy...

We are going to Avatar tonight, Clinton and I have seen it once before but not in 3D and today we are going to see it in 3D... Im pretty excited.

Im so glad it is friday!! but i have a busy busy weekend ahead of me.
Saturday Morning I coach bowling then not much for the afternoon but Saturday night me and Clinton are going out for dinner for 4 years of being together :) <3 The actual date is March 7th (Sunday) but on Sunday I am heading 2.5hrs away to coach my bowling team in a provincial tourny. i leave at 8 am and get back at 9 pm :( but Clinton is going to maybe drive there to come cheer on my team and still see me for a bit that day :) what a sweetheart!!

Then monday back to work... bleh... although im listening to the radio at work and I am trying to win a trip for 4 to Vegas!!! It would be so exciting so who knows... lol

04 March 2010

Time to do it

Yesterday I sent in my application for a Triathlon Clinic I hope to find out soon if I made it in on time.
About a month ago I joined Weight Watchers and have lost 4.6lbs... lol... I hope my drops will start increasing as I start to work out more... This week I worked out for an hour on Monday at lunch then again on Wednesday. Last night I went bowling and I am bowling again tonight so I am getting more activity in my life... I can't wait till it starts getting nice out here so I can start going for walks/runs in the park with my boyfriend. He is awesome to work out with (kinda) because he pushes me harder than I am willing to push myself and that is something that I really need right now. Lots of days I feel motivated but some days I could just care less. I'm either really tired or I just don't feel good but I always feel 10x better once I do work out. Right now our schedules don't work with eachother so well so we don't get to work out much together but we hope that in the summer that can change.
Next Wednesday (March 10) my mom and I are going to a personal trainer so I can start training for this triathlon because the clinic doesn't start until May 17 and goes right up until the day before the race. Clinton is also excited for me and wants to help me train as well... I hope with all this support that I can do really well!!

This is me as of March 03/2010