13 March 2010

2 bad things... what is number 3??

They say bad things come in three's... on Friday I found out that the triathlon i planned on doing in June had limited spaces (which was never stated anywhere) and I hadn't signed up yet as I might be heading out of the province on a trip around that time so I don't get to do my triathlon... and then Friday afternoon I had to euthanize my kitty... who I have had since as long as I can remember :'( it was very upsetting... I held on to her the whole time while they sedated her and then gave her the final shot... it was so odd, I thought it took a while and then they fell asleep but before the vet was even done giving her the shot she was limp... her head fell over and rested against me... it was so hard to do but I know it is better for her as she was in a lot of pain and I couldn't afford all the medicine and appointments to keep her healthy and out of pain... I do miss her lots though...

I guess number 3 might be learning that the really expensive shoes I bought last summer aren't good for my feet and I have to get different ones; but I good thing is I went to Foster's shoes and they let me borrow a pair that should be good for my feet so I can try them out for a bit before I buy them :)

Anyways... on Wednesday my mom and I went to see a personal trainer and she was pretty friendly... we didn't do too much on Wednesday but I'm sure we will keep building up... we worked on some step-up then running then running and biking as it was going to be geared towards the triathlon but now I don't know what to do... I do have another fitness goal which is to climb the rock wall at the science center... starting in May i think they have a class every Saturday morning for a climbing club so I am going to try and get into that too. I will also do the CIBC run for the cure this year but I am hoping to find another interesting event to go to.

Next weekend I am heading out of town for the second part of our 5-pin bowling masters tournament to make the Saskatchewan team... as of right now I am in second place and I am on the team... but we have two days and 16 more games to do so that could totally change... this morning i practiced and played 5 games in a row on my own so I was constantly going for one hour and didn't stop moving (I was very sweaty lol) i bowled two 180's, a 186, a 193, and a 203. My average for Saturday will be 186 i think so I am hitting avg which is great and should keep me up there :)

Anyways I have been craving a DQ double cheeseburger for a few days but today I wasn't craving it anymore so I am still on plan and hoping for a good weigh in next week :)