09 March 2010

Bad to Good

This morning started out bad... I didn't feel so great and I though that my weigh in tonight was going to be bad.
At lunch I did a good long hard workout and I felt sooooo gooood after it :)
but I have an issue with my foot and it hurts after 10 min of running or elliptical I'm in so much pain. I'm going to call a place tomorrow that makes special footwear to see if I can get some shoes that don't hurt my feet so when I do this triathlon I can do a lot better than if my foot hurts the whole time!!
After work a cleaned up the kitchen with my mom and prepped supper because we eat after WW so that we have a good weigh in... lol... and I cleaned and cut some celery so I can take it to work tomorrow because i really like it with peanut butter or laughing cow cheese, mmmm... it is so delicious :)
Then we went to our weigh in and I lost 1.2 since last week and hit my first 5lbs!!! I'm so excited about it... I also only need to lose 3.2 more lbs to make it to my 5% lost!!! It is exciting to be this close to a goal!!
Since I;m starting to workout more I hope my weigh in's keep going really well.
Tomorrow is our first appt. with a personal trainer and I'm pretty excited about it and scared. But i think it is good to have it on Wednesday because most Wednesday's I don't feel like working out... I don;t feel like it on Thursday either but i do bowl on Thursday so I at least get some activity in. anyway I'm off to watch the Biggest Loser for some more inspiration!! :)