17 March 2010

busy day

today was a busy busy day at work... and it is just going to continue the rest of the week...
Tonight clinton, colt and I went out for supper to mongolie grill and it was so delicious :) mmmmm... then me and clinton met my mom at the gym and worked out... I had a pretty good work out I think... I just kept pushing harder and today it seemed at lot easier then before which is a good thing I think...
My mom and I went on this thing called Espresso Bike and it has a little screen where you can ride different tracks and it is like your actually riding somehwere... I did a 20min basic ride today but my butt was numb by the end... then I did step ups then running then step ups then bikng then step up then running and biking... then went running again... I don't think I could have possibly done that 3 weeks ago :)
I got to keep working had this week so I can make my 5% on tuesday!!!