05 March 2010


So today is my Dad's birthday so we are going out to a movie tonight where there is a lot of tempatation... lol... but since i am on WW i might dip into my extra points for the week as i do love my movie theatre nachos... lol...

I had no motivation to go to the gym today but i did get my but in gear and head over there and worked hard today... I always feel great and happy after the gym, it is just thinking about it that gets me down and makes me lazy...

We are going to Avatar tonight, Clinton and I have seen it once before but not in 3D and today we are going to see it in 3D... Im pretty excited.

Im so glad it is friday!! but i have a busy busy weekend ahead of me.
Saturday Morning I coach bowling then not much for the afternoon but Saturday night me and Clinton are going out for dinner for 4 years of being together :) <3 The actual date is March 7th (Sunday) but on Sunday I am heading 2.5hrs away to coach my bowling team in a provincial tourny. i leave at 8 am and get back at 9 pm :( but Clinton is going to maybe drive there to come cheer on my team and still see me for a bit that day :) what a sweetheart!!

Then monday back to work... bleh... although im listening to the radio at work and I am trying to win a trip for 4 to Vegas!!! It would be so exciting so who knows... lol