28 March 2010


So I practiced bowling on saturday morning and did so good... my regular lanes are synthetic lanes and the other places that I bowl are wood lanes and my ball doesnt move there like I am used too so I bowled crappy today...  Clinton thinks we should bowl a spring league at a different set of lanes so that I can practice and figure out how to make my ball work on different lanes so that no matter what the lanes are like at nationals I can bowl good :)

other than that on saturday we went shopping because I found this awesome hotpink computer that I want but no one seems to be able to get it for me :( I could just order it online so I will wait and see... it is a pretty new one somaybe in a while it will be easier to get at stores :)

Today we went to the gym and for some reason my heart rate was exteremly high and I wasnt pushing any harder than usual; but i have been fighting a cold for a few days which might have something to do with it :S

anyway i was going to the gym at 6am tomorrow but my leg muscle is still hurting and this week i have to bowl Monday, Tuesday and Friday so i dont want to have my leg still hurting... i dunno maybe i will go in the morning... i still havn't decided... blah...

my weigh in is normally tuesday so if i end up bowling on tuesday i will have to go to a wednesday weigh in or figure something out... im getting sick of being busy :P