16 March 2010

Number 3

A family who is really close with us lost a member last night... My mom's friend lost her father... he got H1N1 in November and hasn't been healthy since and last night his body gave in. At least he is not in any pain anymore. My prayers are with his family!!

Today is kind of a blah day at work. I worked really hard this morning and got a bunch of stuff done. I should keep going and get more work done but I just feel so blah... I don't mind this job but I went to school for a reason so I wouldn't be doing a bland job and could use my education. They say they are working on it and things will change in the next several weeks but I don't know if they really will or not. I know you have to start somewhere but I am just getting stressed. I felt physically ill this morning because I got so upset and so stressed. :(

Tonight is my weigh in and I hope it goes good. I have been working out lots this week so I hope it shows! Anyway I should get back and do some more work. I wish I could have a nap, lol, I'm so tired :p