08 March 2010

Busy Weekends Suck!

So this weekend was full of bad food choices... not so much bad choices but just lots of food that put me over my points. On Saturday Clinton and I ate really good for the day as we were going out for supper for our 4years :) and we went to Earls. Im sure we both went way over our points for the day but it was delicious and you can do that once and a while :)
anyway, then on sunday I had to head out of town with my bowling Combo Team and I could control breakfast/lunch/snacks for the day but supper was 'kid friendly' lol... burgers and chicken fingers and ice cream. I didn't over indulge in anything and went very very light on the sauces but I have no idea what my points were for that... Oh well... One weekend isnt the end of the world. Tomorrow is my next weigh in and Im almost at the 5lb mark. Slowly getting there :( it sucks that im moving down so slow but the good thing is im moving down. But starting this week im kicking up my exercise and in May it will get even more intense to the weight should start shedding a bit faster (I hope)