04 March 2010

Time to do it

Yesterday I sent in my application for a Triathlon Clinic I hope to find out soon if I made it in on time.
About a month ago I joined Weight Watchers and have lost 4.6lbs... lol... I hope my drops will start increasing as I start to work out more... This week I worked out for an hour on Monday at lunch then again on Wednesday. Last night I went bowling and I am bowling again tonight so I am getting more activity in my life... I can't wait till it starts getting nice out here so I can start going for walks/runs in the park with my boyfriend. He is awesome to work out with (kinda) because he pushes me harder than I am willing to push myself and that is something that I really need right now. Lots of days I feel motivated but some days I could just care less. I'm either really tired or I just don't feel good but I always feel 10x better once I do work out. Right now our schedules don't work with eachother so well so we don't get to work out much together but we hope that in the summer that can change.
Next Wednesday (March 10) my mom and I are going to a personal trainer so I can start training for this triathlon because the clinic doesn't start until May 17 and goes right up until the day before the race. Clinton is also excited for me and wants to help me train as well... I hope with all this support that I can do really well!!

This is me as of March 03/2010