12 May 2010


So as of last night at weight watchers i have lost 15.2lbs... altogether since January i have lost over 26lbs... i don't feel as if i have lost that much... i can see it a little and can definitely tell since a lot of my pants are falling off lol but other than that i really really don't see it at all... it seems weird and unbelievable but i can see it every time i jump on that scale... i dunno... right now I am working on cardio cardio cardio :) its getting pretty good.   I am running right now for 25mins at 8.0km/h which is pretty good i think... lol... i started at 5 min at a time and added 5 min every week... 25 min is pretty tough so i think next week instead of jumping 5 min i will only go up 2 min a week till i am running the whole 45 min... i hope to run the whole 5k this october and next year i want to do a triatholon and a half marathon then then in 2012 i hope to do a full-marathon... ahhh... i am scared but i hope by then i can do it!!!  anyways off to get some sleep or at least try, i have been having trouble sleeping so i hope i can tonight!


Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

Great job on the 26 lbs!

I was just talking with someone about how I still feel like the same girl I was when I first started WW and that I don't always notice the difference. I think it just takes time, our minds play tricks on us I think :)

I am so in awe of your running! Amazing :)

lost_love said...

thanks!! running is pretty tough but i remember when running for 5min was sooooooo hard and now 5min is a breaze so at least i know it does get easier!! :)