01 May 2010

off to the gym i go?

it was suppose to snow last night :( I could hear rain while I was laying in bed last night but I haven't looked to check if there is snow on the ground....

Clinton is off at his buddy's house installing a clutch all day I dunno what to do with myself... I am going to head to the gym at some point... and then I don't know what else to do... usually i help clinton on a car or we go shopping... we used to coach kids bowling saturday mornings but that is done till sept. 

i heard that you can go to the mineral spa in the next city over (like a 30-35min drive) for $7 which is sweet but i would want someone to go with and right now the 'friends' that i do have never ever want to do anything... im not really sure how much they're my friends anymore... and the people who do want to hang out are all boys and I dont think the boys would want to come to the spa with me... lol

ahhh... i dunno... im just going to lay in bed and watch youtube for a little bit longer then off to the gym!!!

p.s. i figured out how to change the treadmill to kilometers!!! :)