20 May 2010


lol... so I weighed in on tuesday night and didn't move... stayed exactly the same... WTF? lol... i worked out super hard and hardly used my activity or weekly points but it didnt move at all... i was eating mostly good food but sometimes I had treats but oh well... so far since tuesday I have lost 2lbs so I am guessing this week will go good...

still running around the park lol... it is hard but it is getting easier... i am running about 3.6km in total and walking .4km in the middle somewhere... I am hoping to get to run the whole 4km around the park and have that be pretty easy... then work on going farther, so I am going to have to keep running past my car then walk back... maybe on the weekends I can ride my bike to the park go for a run and ride back... hmmm... i'd have to get a bike... i was using my little brothers because it was a sweet bike and he took it outta the shed one night and left it in the 8ft fenced backyard and some kids walked in our one gate took the bikes (there was an old one there too) and walked out the back gate... booooo....  silly kids... anyways oh yea, i am finally sleeping a little better... I am feeling more rested!!! i used to sleep no mater how short or how long i was exhausted... but the last 3 days i have felt good!!! I have had sleeping problems for a few years so we will have to see if this keeps going... if it starts going bad again i will have to see the doctor asap instead of just ignoring it... but all in all I am feeling good!

my regular meeting leader hasnt been there the last two weeks and it is bringing me down :( I hope she is there next week... if not i am going to go back to the monday night meetings and see if she is still at that one... I like her and I dont like the two sub's that have been there... but we will see next week :)