29 April 2010

busy busy busy

I started a new job on the 19th and have been busy all day and all night... work then gym then supper by the time im done supper it is bed time!! ahhhh.... i should be in bed right now but I wanted to update this since I havent in almost 2 weeks....

I am working on cardio right now... at this point I am running for 10min then a 5 min walk then 10 more minutes then i walk for 15 at a high incline... i think i should buy something that monitors my heart rate because the treadmill always says im in the peak high zone but i dont really think I am so I need something to better monitor my HR... anyways I am under 180!!! :) I am very happy and am trying to keep going... i am just having these fast food urges that I cant get outta my head.... I want...
mcdonalds double cheeseburger
wendy's burger
tim hortons sausage breakfast sandwich
KFC popcorn chicken
and anything that is covered in cheese!!!

lol... ahhh... I can dream can't I :)