12 April 2010


I am having a Butt-Kick week this week.  I am going to work-out a ton this week and eat way better as the last few weekends I have gone completely overboard in junk food and alcohol! But I had fun... Fun time is now over... lol

Today I did 40min of Cardio on my lunch break at work and today after work I am going to the Power Circuit class at the fieldhouse. I also am not going to go over my daily points!

Tomorrow I plan on doing Carido again at lunch time then for a walk around the park before my weigh in tomorrow.

Wednesday there will be cardio on my lunch break and the power circuit class after work.

Thursday again Cardio at lunch then I bowl thursday night.  I am going to try and stay standing for most of the night instead of sitting on my butt!

Friday is my last day at work so we might be going out for lunch (Oh No! lol) if not I will hit the gym again.  Friday night me and clinton might go for a walk around the park.

Saturday I will go to the class at the fieldhouse again and maybe if it is nice out me and Clinton can get our bikes out and go for a ride.

Sunday not sure, I should probably give myself a break for at least one day although I am sure that I will be cleaning or doing something that day that will get me moving for at least a little while...

Good thing is there are no Banquets or food events this weekend so I can hopefully stay on plan this weekend and not go overboard like the last few becuase on the 24th I have a banquet (Buffet) and on May 7th I have a banquet (another buffet) and then no more!!!

I hate buffets!!! I always eat too much and feel like crap after.  I have been getting better at not overeating though so I guess these next two banquets will help me keep practicing that!! :)


Michelle said...

wow! that sounds intense. good luck!

Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

I am so impressed with all of your activity this week! That's so awesome :)

I have a love/hate relationship with buffets. Love the options and unlimited quantities (naturally, lol) but hate the damage they do to my weigh-ins :)

Have a great week!

lost_love said...

Thanks... I do love buffets but they are so bad... lol.. i just lose control... Hope you both have a good week!!