13 April 2010

& the butt-kick continues

So I weighed in today and I was done 1.6lbs :)

i need to lose 0.7 more pounds to get under 180!!!

this weekend I dont have any plans to go out for food or have and food activities this weekend so my next weigh in should be amazing!!!!

Today I didn't do my butt-kick so much... i tried to do some cardio at lunch but i just wasnt feeling good... i had major heartburn and it was making it difficult to exercise... I also didn't go for my walk tonight because it was pouring rain all day and afterwork...

I hope that I am feeling better tomorrow... I can do some cardio at lunch again tomorrow and there is a class afterwork at the feildhouse then my awesome boyfriend will be making me some supper while I am working out...

oh yea, i also put on this tight pair of dress pants that I couldnt get on before i started weight watchers and they fit!!! I have a little tummy pouch but i have that all the time so it has nothing to do with the pants.  I am pretty excited...

So if i get under 180 it will be the lowest i have been in a while... I got myself down to 180 a few times but I can't seem to get under it on my own so I hope tracking and exercise will get me there... ahh im so excited :)


Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

Awesome weigh in!
Yay for fitting into those pants :) That must be such a great feeling!