15 April 2010

from bad to good

This morning was all sorts of bad... I forgot to set my alarm last night so this morning I woke up and wondered why my alarm hasn't gone off... then I look over at the clock and it is 7:18am... shit!!!

So I rush to get ready... there is no good food in our house so I stopped and got some food for breaky on my way to work... I got a breakfast burrito from mcdonalds... only 7pts... and I am still on plan for the day so it wasn't a huge mistake and I guess you need a treat once and a while... and I do love those breakfast burritos!! :)

Anyways, I assume because of the rushed morning and high fat breakfast I wasn't feeling so energetic at lunch.  I was debating if i should work through lunch or go to the gym... I didn't want to work but that is how much I didn't want to go to the gym... But I made up my mind and went... I said I was going to everyday this week and I had an unhealthy breakfast so I should probably go so I did...  I did better today then I had been doing all week!

I did 45min on the elliptical and it was alright... I think it helped that there was a 'Last 10 Pounds Boot Camp' marathon on so I could watch something that made me forget I was on the elliptical.  Now I feel awesome! I also didn't bring a lunch (but I did bring some snacks) so I bought a Soup at Hand from the vending machine, my favourite soup, and it is only 1pt... 1 pt yay!!! That helps me keep on plan today even better... I hope this week pays off at my next weigh in... i can be 179.9 and be happy that is all I am asking for :)

Now to finish work, 2nd last day!! :) and then off to bowling tonight... and I am in a great mood now, nothing can bring me down! :D