12 September 2010

and it begins

so at the moment I am super duper busy with life and got to figure out a way to fit my exercise in so it is no so sporatic... it will be a little easy since i live at home and my parents do most of the cooking but if i lived on my own right now i think subway would be my very best friend!!!

i haven't pick a new Weight Watchers date yet but I am thinking Monday nights...

my busyness includes a bowling league that plays once a week but it could be any day from tues-fri.
another bowling league that is thursday night
cadets - wednesday night and some weekends!
Coaching little kids bowling saturday mornings
possibly pipe band sunday afternoons...

the only thing that is hard is too get off work then go work out and have time to eat and get ready for whatever is happening that night... so i need to figure out if mornings work or see if i can fit it in after work... i am not sure... weekends are fine, i have spare time to work out... it is just during the week that will be interesting lol...

I am doing alright right now... just maintaining where I am and looking into new fitness routines to tone up my flabby spots... lol... and if i still lose some weight that will be sweet but if not i am okay with that too... :)

also my car was 1 yr old on Sept 10 and i got rear ended on the 9th... not much damage though... you can barely tell I got hit... lol