24 October 2012

Feeling defeated

Ugh... I am having a hard time being committed to exercising and getting back into shape.  It seems like the more I do the harder it is.  For the past four weeks I have been busting my but at the gym and working out - sometimes even twice a day.  Watching what I eat.  Haven't been keeping hydrated (maybe that is the issue?) and I just don't know!

And Monday and Tuesday this week have been killer.  My sleep pattern is a mess!  Not just I can't sleep (which is normal)... I am finding it extremely difficult to stay awake during the day, I am feeling exhausted, I have been falling asleep as soon as I get home from work... missing gym classes and workouts!  Hopefully I can get this sleep sorted out as I am going out on a group of ambulance shifts starting Saturday and I can't been exhausted for those! Also I will be working 6pm to 6am on Halloween (which will probably be a gong show!)

So now it is almost 1am (Tuesday night/Wednesday morning) and I am awake because I fell asleep after work.

Back to the weight loss (non-loss) disappointment .. some people say it may not be moving because I am building muscle BUT I haven't really lost any inches.  I guess for the rest of this week I will need to try and up my H2O intake and see how much that helps.

I am kinda just watching calories as well as following the old weight watchers plan as WW is how I lost weight the first time around! (Still super disappointed in myself for gaining it all back and having to do this all over again!)

Also my MCpl wants me to join CrossFit which I would love to do BUT the first 15 learning classes cost $495 and I just do not have the money for that!!  I want to find a gym here like Level 10 Fitness that I went to in Saskatchewan but so far no luck!  I have however found a kettlebell class & I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!  I could do kettlebell all day everyday if I knew how to put a stupid routine together!!

I find that is the hardest part about working out... I can run (that's easy!) I can lift weights... I just don't know how to put your exercises together so that they flow and work well.  I know there is lots of lists of workouts on the internet... I need to sit down one night and go on a search and see what I can find or create!

Anyway, I am feeling a bit better & I should try to go back to sleep as 6am comes early!

Edit:  I just looked at my inches measurements and I guess I have lost a few inches!  Just not feeling it in my clothes and stuff yet! :p