12 October 2012

Weekends are killer

So once again I have over indulged on the weekend which lead to a not so well weigh in!

Mind you last weekend was thanksgiving and spent it with family I haven't seen in ages!  So I am okay with the fact that I stayed where I was since I didn't exercise at all!

I am on holidays right now so that makes it a little harder to keep on track but I am done visiting my family this week so it shouldn't be too bad.  Since Monday I have been doing great with watching what I eat and exercising! :)  Also my family is working tomorrow so I am hitting the gym!

I went to the gym the other day with my friend and busted my ass! It was so amazing!  We had to leave as she needed to get back to her kids but I felt like I could have stayed another hour!  Could be the fact that we practiced IV's that day and ran some normal saline into our veins.... or it could have just been a good day!

I am going to kettlebell classes again! AMAZING!!!  I love them!  I am so sore from yesterday though as I used a weight that was a little to heavy for me BUT if I keep using it it should get easier and I should get stronger! :)

I feel like the motivation I have been trying to get going ALL year is finally kicking in! Thank gawd! I need to get my butt into shape so I am not the fat kid at basic training!!!  Eeek!!

Anyways I should get a good(ish) sleep tonight (I am sleeping on a couch) so I can get a great workout in tomorrow!  I am looking forward to it :D