12 November 2012


I have been battling a cold since August and this week it hit me hard!  Was sent home from work and have be sleeping alot since then.  I am just feeling exhausted!!!  Also my head today is killing me!! :(

I was feeling a little better yesterday (but I had a busy day) and today I am paying for it... I just want to be feeling better!  At least today is a holiday so I can take it easy... which means this is a short week!

I think I will just go to work, fit a run in, have a quick supper and go to bed early every day this week!  and I need to increase my water uptake!! which now that I mention that... i may have a headache because I am dehydrated...  I have had very little appetite or want to drink for the past week! Although yesterday I went out for lunch with my family and had a steak sandwich and just devoured it! lol

anyways... I am going to do some laundry, drink a lot of water, and relax till i should go to sleep... ugh...