06 November 2012


Was out of town last week for my last few ambulance shifts for school.  Had an amazing time and got to learn a lot and attended some amazing calls! Didn't exercise at all and ate alright - could have been better/could have been worse.  Didn't gain any weight but didn't lose any either.

Still having a hard time finding the daily motivation to get out there and at least go for a run! I am just so bored with my life at the moment!  We go sit at the clinic everyday and can't do a damn thing because we are not trained yet.  We are supposed to be studying for our paramedic licensing exam but the room that we sit in is impossible for me to study in.  People are also coming in and out of there all day and it is distracting.  Not the best situation!  I just have no motivation for anything... I have to clean my place, get organized  get studying for licensing, watch what I eat and exercise BUT all I want to is lay on my couch or sleep... ugh...

BUT right now I am going to go get a jacket on and go for a run!  Then make myself a healthy supper & try to at least get one room in my place clean and organized!  *fingers crossed*

Also... I got three immunizations today (I hate needles!!!) and let another paramedic student practice 2 IV's on me (which were missed.) Intense day for me! :p