25 September 2012

Day 2

what a day!

I take my car in for an issue that has been bothering me that I had been told several times was a non-issue... finally this place told me what it was and also informs me the I am 16 days past warranty... ugh!  If the first few people I went to about it would have actually told me what the issue was I could have had it fixed under warranty!

Anyways, I was going to pick my car up after work & was probably going to skip my run BUT my MCpl said another girl and I should go together.  So I got 2 good things out of that - went for my run & got a ride to my car! :)

As for watching what I ate today I kept of track!  Usually Thursday or Friday night is when I fall apart so I will be trying extra hard those days!

Now off to rest my sore tired body...