24 September 2012

Starting All Over Again

Well I hate to admit it BUT I fell off the wagon! :(  In 2010 I put so much work and effort into losing weight and getting healthy.  I got myself down to the smallest weight I ever remember!  One day I even saw a 149.8 on the scale.  I didn't even think it was possible to me to hit the 140s! But over the last two years I relapsed back into my old ways & not having the self-control to stop myself from binging.

I NEED to make this commitment again!  I NEED to stick to it!  I joined the military so basically my job is on the line.  Even at this weight I can pass the fitness test BUT I need to get into better shape as I will have a very hard time at basic if I don't get back into shape.

Today is another one of many many previous Day Ones & hopefully the last Day One!  Today went well!  Watched how much food I took in today and did a killer 5.5km run.  It's unfortunate I have to go through this process again but hopefully this time I don't slip back.

The biggest problem was I moved to BC with my parents & brother.  My Aunt, Uncle, Cousin & Family, and my Grandparents all live here.  At the beginning I kept things together fairly well and maintained a steady weight. BUT my whole family struggles with weight issues and I fell back into my bad habits because everyone around me had bad habits.  When I was down to 150/155 many family members said I was to skinny - my BMI was still overweight @ 155 - so I think them thinking I was too small gave me an excuse to stop watching what I ate & stop working out. I got a part-time job waitressing and that was a killer!  Eating at work was bad & going out drinking with co-workers every weekend.  It was a great time and I had lots of fun BUT my body did not enjoy it as much! Then I went to Paramedic school & that was intense.  Lots of work, lots of long days studying, lack of physical fitness and lack of watching what I eat!

Anyway, Day One is OVER!  Day One was a success!  Just have to keep this train rolling! :)