28 September 2012


So glad today was friday!  What a day!

For once in my life I get up early and plan on heading to work early and getting a coffee and having a good day!  Boy was I wrong!
While getting ready for work, washing my face, I get a random nose bleed! Ugh... Sometimes these can last 20+ mins! ... great...
Finally get that under control and now rushing to get ready to get to work... Hoping maybe I still have a quick minute to grab a coffee... Lined up out the door!  Fine no coffee for me!
Get to work - remembered it is civy day is you pay $3... I don't have any cash - into my uniform I go.  Once I am dressed I go see my MCpl for 0730... who tells me I am going to the gym to participate in a measurement survey... so I need to change back into my civys and head to the gym.
Get there and it is measurements all right... you strip down to your bra and underwear and go to all these different stations and get a millions measurements.  You get drawn on and stickers put on for a 3D image.  It was pretty cool to participate but sucked that you had to be pretty much naked! lol
Anyway, 2 hours later, get back to work, get changed (again!) and see they are setting up for a lunch BBQ - $5.00 - I still have no cash.  I get to sit there eating my oatmeal while everyone is eating burgers! A few people offered to front me some cash (which I declined) but it was kind of good because I can still watch what I eat BUT sucks to not be participating with everyone else!
After lunch the day smoothed out and everything was good!
The morning wasn't bad per say - just crazy! It wore me out!

I was going to skip exercising today BUT messaged my friend and said I would do to the gym with her and was so happy that I did!!  I saw a Doc from our clinic and met a paramedic that is willing to sell me some books for really cheap...  So in the end it was a pretty awesome, crazy, interesting day!